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You will cry after this inspirational story, it must be

By EpicLOL
  • 8 hour(s) ago

This man is a great inspiration for many other, Most known as the bald latino he left school at a very young age to get a job and bring food for his family. He started from the bottom, he has worked as pizza delivery man, he has served his country, helped many other people as a firefighter, as a policeman and even got promoted to be a detective. but life has other plans for this man and....he was diagnosed with cancer but he never stopped smiling and beat cancer in just 2 months, He went back to studying and starting teaching shortly after. He went back and being a full-time doctor and he even started his own company. His biggest achievement was becoming an astronaut. A man stands out for his ability to not give up and fight until the end. He is our true fighter!

This man is a great inspiration for many others

The bald latino


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