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Top 5 Pets which are only to be found with Riches.

By Crazyshouters
  • 2 day(s) ago

There are not only things/Objects which are affordable only by rich people. But there is one more you need to know there are few pets which only Millionaires can afford and other not even to think about getting them in dreams too. Is it kind of shocking, right? Now let's find out on Real penguin what all those pets are.


This cute lookings pigs do cost $2000. This pig is the crossbreed between potbelly and Juliana pig. After affording to buy the pig too you will be needing to spend $60 to$300 to maintain the pet which only can be maintained by a millionaire.

2.Tiger Cubs


Yes, Tiger Cubs and before you ask yes, its illegal to have tiger cubs but in few places its legal. Even though it is but it is also dangerous to have a tiger cub even though they are cute but not when they grew up. They cost up to $2500 and it takes $10,000 per year to maintain them.

3. Kangaroo.


I never imagined that a kangaroo can be a pet but they are few millionaires out there who are lovers of Kangaroo and spending $2000-$3000 and also do spend $9 per day for their care.

4. Kinkajou.


These are the one among many pets which are a bit aggressive. The three things which they don't like at all is 1. Noise. 2. Sudden movements. 3. Being awake during the day. These are good pets for the riches who can afford $700-$3000 to buy them.

5. Two Toed Sloths.


Sloths are a bit more expensive for the riches too, both to buy and to maintain. It takes $3000 to buy it and the food it intakes is about $3000. But among these, all things one good news is these take 6 to 21 days to digest the food.

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