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5 Things at Disney World which only Millionaires can afford.

By Crazyshouters
  • 16 hour(s) ago

You can't expect a person to go into Disney world and come back with nothing. There are lot many gifts in there which catches your eye. But they are few such gifts that can make you bankrupt those are only in limits for Millionaire.

1. Partners


We all know the obvious connection between Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. The partner statue is the very tribute to the connection and the partnership between the both of them. And that connection costs up to $1000 which cant be owned by the who is not a millionaire.

2. Winnie the pooh and tiger.


Another Iconic character brought out by Walt Disney is Pooh. when you enter into the Disney world you will be greeted by pooh and many of his friends. It was designed by 2,678 Swarovski crystals which can be afforded for $1200 .

3. King Mickey Figure.


The Mickey Mouse is the one we get to our mind by the name of Disney world. I doubt that anyone knows about Disney without the knowledge Micky Mouse. The statue is designed like a classic king Mickey and costs around $1200.

4. Genie


This is my most favourite character among all the Disney characters. I sometimes wish him to be real. The Genie statue was built up as a tribute to the great Robin Williams. I don't think so a normal person never ever will dare to dream about getting one as it costs about $1500 which is too costly and only be found in a Millionaire's place other than the store.

5. The Little Mermaid.


The name little mermaid gives out the wonderful scenes of the underwater world. She is such a beauty is designed with 2,544 Swarovski crystal stones and costs around $1400.

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