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Stories of top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs

By Crazyshouters
  • 12 hour(s) ago

We all see how the Successful Entrepreneurs living now. But what about how they become what they are now. Don't worry real penguin will help you to know about their stories which can give some motivational advice to lead your life on. Now let's see the roller coaster life of a few great entrepreneurs.

1. Mark Cuban


Mark Cuban is a very big investor and the owner of the National basketball association. But do you know how did he start his life of entrepreneurship? He started selling milk powder yes milk powder but the only buyers were his parents. Even by getting fired from many companies he never got discouraged and become what he is now.

2. Vera Wang


Every fashion trend is aware of the name Vera Wang. But Vera wang initially didn't plan to become a fashion trend she was a skating figure and wanted to get into Olympics. But she never got into it. so she did change her direction to the more trending thing called design. The person who is now a branding name in fashion world once got rejected to be a chief editor in vogue.

3. Milton Hershey


Hershey the word itself brings water inside my mouth. I am a fan of chocolate which makes me one of Hershey. Compare to the other Entrepreneurs Milton also had his fair share of hardships. Before Hershey Milton failed while making 3 different candies before it is even launched on the market.

4. Arianna Huffington


If you are a person who reads journals and news blogs then you will be coming across the name Arianna Huffington for sure. And she is known as the god of creating the best news journals. But do you have any kind of idea that she got rejected by 36 publishers when she approached to publish her second book?

5. Peter Thiel


He is the co-founder of PayPal and the first public investor of Facebook. His net worth is of $2.5 Billion and he got some billions in exchange for his 10.2% stake in Facebook. His way of becoming co-founder was not that easy.

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