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10 Most Expensive Islands For Rent

By Ms. Wood
  • 6 hour(s) ago

Before to read the article we suggest you watch the amazing video with the world’s most expensive private Islands available on rent. Discover and make a reservation on one of the luxurious private retreats, select the most exclusive island. VIDEO IS UPLOADING PLEASE WAIT...

VIDEO: Top 10 Most Expensive Islands For Rent

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Wadigi Island, Fiji $2,400 to $7000/night.


Host a maximum of 6 guests at a time, is accessible only via a short helicopter ride. 5-star luxury property brings a memorable experience with paradisiac beaches and gourmet cuisine.

2 Satellite Island, Tasmania $3,900/night


Called the "home of a writer", is a luxurious private retreat for those looking for some unique relaxation. Habitat for a plethora of indigenous bird species, but is possible for guests experience a range of activities such as scuba divin and kayaking.

3 Lizard Island, Australia


Believed to be the continent’s most exclusive island, Lizard Island is nestled about 150 Lizard Island has 40 luxury suites and villas it was believed to be the continent’s most exclusive island because though in past it survived a couple of destructive cyclones.

4 Dolphin Island, Fiji $6000/night


I's unfortunately available only on a very selective basis for a maximum of 8 guests. Guests staying here are treated to everything from scrumptious. During your stay, guests can enjoy water-sport activities or enjoy endless pampering sessions at the spa.

5 Thanda Island, Tanzania $10,000/per night


It's a natural ecology island whit a private reserve sustainable, solar powered energy, lots of walking trails and diving and snorkeling are some of the best activities.

6 The Brando, French Polynesia $18,500/night


The dozen-odd islands were rumored to be bought by the actor Marlon Brando for $200,000. There are 35 luxury villas and a range of relaxing activities with secluded beaches.

7 Cousine Island, the Seychelles $26,000/night


Cousine is the must for this luxury Island, guests can enjoy customized local or international delicacies made by expert chefs. The luxe private island can host 12 adults with full board at $26,000/night.

8 Ariara Island, Philippines $30,000/night


120-hectare island that promises absolute luxury and privacy. 4 villas each of which offers endless ocean views. The villas can house no more than 18 guests at a time and relax is guaranteed.

9 Isla Tagomago, Ibiza $109,000/week


It's one of the celebrities favorite island and is known for its wild landscapes. The island is a calm retreat away from boisterous nightclubs but is still within 10 minutes from the Ibiza party hotspots.

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