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How to tame an angry dog in minutes

By Ms. Wood
  • 22 hour(s) ago

The relationship between men and dog can be traced back to the most ancient days in history. Since the time that men decided to bring a dog into a family, a strange bond of attraction has developed between the two species. Dogs always help us in so many ways without expecting anything in return. The love has been entirely unconditional. They have helped us in hunting, taken care of our herds, served the military and police, supported the disabled, protected us from dangers and have been our closest friends in our times of needs. In return, we have taken care of them as well. Like in any other relationship, there are supposed to be situations of stress in the relationship between a man and his canine as well. After all, they also have a mind of their own. They have their own set of emotions, and it is not always easy to understand what they are asking for. You can never know when a reasonably calm dog can turn completely frantic. In this video by Nat Geo Wild, you get to witness how a family man got his dog under control by following a few basic tactics. Throughout the episode, he never lost his cool and tried slowly but steadily to reduce the gap between himself and the dog, both physically and emotionally. Rocky was restless and shouting frantically, and nothing seemed to work. Cesar first tried to calm him down by bringing Junior, another pet of his close to Rocky. This seemed to work for some time, but Rocky started shouting again. He started moving in on Rocky slowly and tried to create a border with a broom. It seemed to have the desired effect on Rocky and Cesar with utmost precision was able to put the leash on his pet very slowly. After this, Rocky was completely under his control. We are all sure to encounter similar situations in our home. We should remember to keep our cool and follow a few basics to get the situation under control.

You can never know when a reasonably calm dog can turn completely frantic


Watch VIDEO: How To Tame An Angry Dog In Minutes

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