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The Most Dangerous Road Runs Through The Waterfalls

By Ms. Wood
  • 2 day(s) ago

World’s One of The Most Dangerous Roads In Nepal. Imagine driving down a scenic road in far-flung locale when around the bend the railing disappears, the road narrows to practically a trail and thousands of feet below and a dangerous waterfall goes through it. Going through this street could take numerous days, people asking them self if this is really a road or just a crazy adventure. The road conditions is a recipe for death Call this road “The Death Road” is not enough as more than150 people a year fall to their death in trucks, cars, and public buses. This entire stretch can take you anything between 15 to 20 days taking you through numerous places of interests like Marpha (Apple Capital of Nepal), Kalopani (Dhaulagiri Icefall) & Tatopani (Hot Spring). The Videos Below show exactly how deceptive this way can be.

Written by: Aya Bahgat

In the video, the driver seems pretty chilled out despite the giant waterfall pouring down and the dangerously steep slopes right next to the narrow road.

This is the Most Dangerous Road in the road, but is it really a road?

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