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How to protect yourself and others from coronavirus at home

By Ms. Wood
  • 8 hour(s) ago

Now that almost all states are forced to stay at home, being able to leave only for reasons of necessity, we must also think about the prevention of the coronavirus epidemic. Greenpeace South East Asia, an office that includes China and the Philippines that first tackled Covid-19, has made important suggestions for trying to protect themselves. Divide the house into zones and areas: in the entrance area, remove and leave all the objects that could be infected such as shoes and clothes (to be put in a basket), latex masks and gloves (to be thrown in a covered trash basket ), to prevent the virus from entering the "living" area, ie living spaces such as the dining room and bedroom. Do not stand barefoot in the buffer zone to avoid contamination. So use slippers for the living area.


Sterilize the bag with alcohol or disinfectant or with a soft cloth wet with a solution of water and dish soap to clean the outside. Disinfect accessories, where germs can live from a number of hours to several days, depending on the type of surface, temperature, and humidity. For electronics, devices must be turned off before cleaning them using a microfiber cloth with a small amount of diluted dish soap solution and hot water or alcohol. Another popular option among technicians is the use of devices for sanitizing with UV light.


Wash your hands for 30-40 seconds but it is not necessary to keep the tap always open. If you go out often, you must disinfect the floor and the objects in the buffer zone every day otherwise it can be done every 3-4 days.


As for pets, it is suggested to clean your hands before and after taking care of or touching your 4-legged friend. To clean up the excrement, disinfect the soil and hands. And to return home you can use common bathroom products to clean them thoroughly and "decontaminate" them to avoid bringing the virus home.

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