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In New Reality Series ‘Labor Of Love’ 15 Men Will Date A 41 Years Old With the Goal To Impregnate Her

By Ms. Wood
  • 8 hour(s) ago

Kristy Katzmann 41-year-old is the star of the new dating show “Labor of Love”.
It will all start with a cocktail party this Thursday when the 15 “fathers to be” are introduced to Katzmann. Kristy is recently divorced, beautiful, and she had a good professional carrier. However, she’s never had kids, and obviously she wants to before she gets too old.

Fifteen men living in a home together will take turns courting her hoping to win the final price, a baby. The premise of “Labor of Love” might initially seem shocking, but having the opportunity to date 15 men who say they are ready for a family and selecting the best, this lets you eliminate a lot of time-wasting on your life.

Labor of Love‘s executive producers says they wanted to create a show that would reflect a common struggle for modern women who’ve delayed starting a family. All the men suitors ranging from the age of 36 to 46 and they were selected after they feel they are ready to make a family and not just because they wanted to appear on television.

If you’re a little confused, don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Labor of Love, an assemblage of guys mill about at a cocktail party, hoping to catch a few minutes with the lone female in attendance.


Courtesy of FOX

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Labor of Love: the baby-making reality show you won't believe


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