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Scrolling and laughing alone

By Ms. Wood
  • 1 day(s) ago

FB: Casual Posting Scrolling and laughing alone


Social media is a great way to connect with family and friends, but it may also create problems with online communications. Online communication is a big part of our lives, one of the features of Facebook is the Chat option for instant messaging with your Facebook friends. When you log on to Facebook, your current online status is automatically available to all your online contacts. But what if one day you don't feel like having to answer with a specific friend or anyone? You just want a peaceful time scrolling and laughing. You have the option to go offline to everyone by signing off Chat completely, but the best option is just to ignore them if you don't want to talk to them. It's easy to fall into hours of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram timelines to get frustrated annoying friends. Sometimes we spent scrolling 3 hours before sleeping. If you want to browse Facebook in peace without having to block or pointedly ignore said friends and being rude in the process, you can simply make yourself appear offline by altering your chat settings. When you block someone, they can see you’re online but can't send you Hangouts messages. Have you ever ignored a Messenger message in order to prevent your contacts from seeing you online and asking you for signs of life?

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