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A German Teenager Makes Mesmerizing Intricate Hairstyles

By Ms. Wood
  • 13 hour(s) ago

A German self-taught hairstylist has gotten popular from her talent.

Milena Diekmann is a 17-year-old who regularly posts pictures of attractive brads she makes with her hair on her Instagram profile. She does highly detailed and really neat crochet patterns on hair reviving ordinary haircuts with dazzling patterns. She got a huge blast of inspiration, and hair, whether it’s blond or brunette, ginger, or unicorn-colored, is the wonderful canvas where she creates bewitching patterns.

The hairstyles that she does, resemble macramé, basket weaving styles, and even crocheted and knit patterns and how to do them as well are going viral at hairstylist.dream on Instagram. The braiding styles that Milena loves practicing are called “basket weave braids” and “scissor waterfall braids.” They are elegant and intricate at the same time.

Milena uses wigs to demonstrate her braiding skills, and then she tries the wig on herself. It's hard work that demands a lot of practice and inspiration, but it's worth by the interest and love she gets from thousand of subscribers including popular influencers that are following her account.

Her and to do the hair of celebrities or work as a wedding stylist, turning every girl’s special day into a fabulous and stylish event. Milena uses her hair as a way to express herself and she dreams to become very famous one day or a good hairstylist for celebrities.

Scroll down to see more fabulous hairstyles by Milena.
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