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Travis Scott drops McDonald's-themed merchandise and his own signature meal

By Ms. Wood
  • 8 hour(s) ago

It’s an “unprecedented collaborative partnership across food, fashion, and community efforts, launching with (Scott’s) signature order on menus across the U.S.,” according to the press release.

Travis Scott had the first collaboration with a celebrity on Mc Donald's since they partnered with Michael Jordan in 1992, If you order a Cactus Jack combo meal, you'll get: a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce; medium fries with a barbecue dipping sauce; and a Sprite — all for $6 (although keep in mind that prices may vary).

The $6 meal, said to be a combination of Scott’s favorite McDonald’s menu items, will be available for a limited time. To celebrate the success of the pairing, naturally, there is merchandise and lots of it. The limited collection includes 58 pieces in total, ranging from $25-$300, including pants, socks caps, shirts, shorts, rugs, a metal lunch box, and a $90 chicken nugget pillow that will likely sell out earlier than that.

The Houston rapper is famous for wild live show performances, Billboard 200 top-charting albums “Rodeo" and “Astroworld" and his popular ad-libs “It’s lit" and “Straight up." and to clearly love McDonald's so much. For Scott's part, he said he was thrilled to be partnering with McDonald's to support charities through the sale of his meal, but details about who gets the donations haven't been released yet. 

The Travis Scott Meal is available at all US McDonald’s outlets, except those in Hawaii, Alaska, and US territories. Here’s what the McDonald’s Travis Scott meal comes with:





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