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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 Finalists Have Been Revealed

By Ms. Wood
  • 9 hour(s) ago

For the last five years, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has put the biggest smiles on our faces with the funniest photos of animals taken in the wild. Keen-eyed photographers from around the world capture moments where animals seem to be experiencing very human emotions or dilemmas and the photos are so good, they’re bound to make your day brighter.

Is a great way to see how funny animals truly are, from a clumsy elephant calf to a greedy Atlantic puffin, each animal displays its own unique brand of funny. An expert panel of judges, including a number of nature photographers, comedians, and wildlife experts, will now have the tough task of picking winners. The category and overall winners will be announced on October 22 in an online ceremony.

The award show's main purpose aside from entertainment is conservation, they aim to draw more attention to protecting our planet and being more respectful to other living species with whom we share our home, you can learn more about this year’s conservation message on the Comedy Wildlife website. The top image will win an incredible one-week safari with Alex Walker's Serian in the Masai Mara.

After a long wait, you can see a fox in heavy negotiations with a mouse, a very NSFW pair of monkeys, a seriously smiley fish, or a sea turtle with a bad attitude.

If you’re having a bad day, these photos will definitely make it better





Brigitte Alcalay Marcon/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020



Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020



Photograph: Sally Lloyd-Jones/CWPAs 2020



Esa Ringbom/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020



Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020



Photograph: Roland Kranitz/CWPAs 2020



Photograph: Kunal Gupta/CWPAs 2020



Photograph: Arthur Telle Thiemann/CWPAs 2020



Marcus Westberg/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020


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