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Stray Dog Who Kept Visiting A Car Dealership Got A Home And A Job

By Ms. Wood
  • 9 hour(s) ago

In early 2020, the local staff at the Brazil Hyundai dealership began to notice a stray dog that kept visiting the site.
One night during a rainstorm, the Manager Emerson Mariano realized that the sweet pup had nowhere else to go and decided to let him stay until he found a better home.

After a few days, they noticed his ability to greet and interact with customers and he earned his first promotion, they hired him to greet the customers and even gave him an ID card.
The dealership named the friendly stray Tucson Prime and took him to the vet to receive the necessary vaccinations.

Although they adopted the dog in May, the story started to go viral after the official handle of Hyundai Brazil posted images of the new employee on their Instagram account.
No one could have expected he’d become the official mascot.
He found himself a job, got adopted, and became famous simply by showing up. He probably helped show how pet-friendly many of Hyundai’s models are. What makes this story even greater is that he will be probably starring in Hyundai’s national ad campaign.

This dog is proving that, if you work hard, you can make your dreams come true.

Social media users are so happy for Tucson.


Tuscon is the mascot of Hyundai Prime and they even gave him his own ID card and everything.








#6 Whether it was fate or the dog's incredible charm he officially became a part of the team.








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