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Here's How To Get Limited Edition Rainbow Cookies Created To Celebrate LGBTQ and History Month

By Ms. Wood
  • 3 day(s) ago

OREO and PFLAG have released a limited edition rainbow cookie ( 10,000 free packs, each package with cookies in seven different colored creme fillings) in celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month.

Oreo Instagram post reads:
"We’re PROUD to announce the first-ever Rainbow OREO Cookies made in honor of our partnership with @PFLAG.
Help us create a more loving world by joining our #ProudParent campaign and you could snag a pack of Rainbow OREO Cookies!."

The cookies have been released alongside a touching short film called Proud Parent.
The Oreo website reads:
"The film shows the love between Jen and Amy, exploring parent-child relationships and the challenges of bringing a partner home for the first time, especially for the LGBTQ+ community.

The cookies themselves aren't available in shops, they are up for grabs on Twitter if you live in the US, where you can enter a competition to get your hands on a packet.s of 9 October, 10,000 packs of the new rainbow-colored cookies will be up for grabs to fans.

All you have to do is raise a bit of awareness and participate in the #ProudParent campaign.

Head to Instagram or Twitter and share what allyship means to you. Make sure you're following @OREO and remember to tag them in.
Also don't forget to use the hashtags #ProudParent and #Giveaway."

Proud Parent is available for streaming on or you can scroll down to see it at the end of this article.

Conclusion: To get a free pack of cookies, Oreo wants people to post a picture on Twitter or Instagram about what LGBTQ+ allyship means to you.
Also include @OREO and use the #ProudParent and #Giveaway hashtags.

There’s never been a more colorful package of Oreos.



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