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Woman Obsessed With Shopping, Spends Up To £1k Every Primark Shopping Trip

By Ms. Wood
  • 14 minute(s) ago

Fruzsi Holub, 36 years old, is so obsessed with Primark that she can spend almost £1000 on a single shopping trip.

She is a hospitality worker from Lausanne in Switzerland, twice a year she travels to the shop in France, spending almost £1,000 at a time on clothes and accessories.

Last time she filled her car boot with 18 full Primark bags!
Her Instagram post with the car completely full went viral on the web.

In an interview with "The Mirror", she said that Primark is more than just shopping for her.

She inherited her passion from her mother, she also loved Primark.

Fruzsi loves to visit the store with her mum and sister, she loves Primark so much that she can spend up to eight hours in a store.
Sometimes her dad has to come to help with the shopping bags.

She is planning to visit stores around the world twice-a-year, for shopping trips to celebrate special occasions.

Covid didn’t affect her shopping trip, she said that it's even better as in the store there were plenty of walkways available and less queue at the checkout.

Visit her Instagram page at @fruzsiholub.

Fruzsi Holub from Switzerland.


Picture: 18 bags full of goodies into her car.


She loves jeans, trousers, shirts, dresses, duvets and shoes.


Despite many opinions, shopping addiction is controversial, and experts, as well as the public, disagree about whether shopping addiction is a real addiction. Primark might come with a low price tag, but frequently shop and spend money in excess of what you can afford might cause problems in relationships and social lives.

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