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Florida Woman Out Of Luck When Winning Lottery Ticket Gets Lost In Mail

By Night Moon
  • 3 day(s) ago

Sue Burgess who won $1,000 in a second-chance drawing on July 29 isn't getting her prize.
The letter she shipped off to the Florida Lottery's headquarters never showed up, she affirmed.

The lady revealed to WFLA that authorities in Tallahassee responded to her: "no ticket, no prize." The winner must send to "second chance" in a certain amount of time the ticket to guarantee the prize.

Their choices are to either place the ticket in a dropbox at a neighborhood lottery office, but this option was not available because they were not open to people in general due to the Covid pandemic or mail them to the headquarters.
Burgess told the TV slot she felt it is more secure to send the ticket through certified mail with the U.S. Postal Service.

The tracking information from the postal service shows the ticket showed up not in time.
But the tracking details from their website shows the ticket was never conveyed to the lottery office.
When Ms. Burgess called, lottery authorities informed her that without the ticket, the prize would go to a substitute winner.

Burgess told the station she was informed she won by a lottery official who called to give her the happy news. In fact, i
n the "second chance" game, they have a record of winners since players register their names and contact data.

Normally, lottery winners of amount more than $600 can submit winning tickets face to face at their nearby lottery office.

In the alternative, Burgess says she was told she could send the ticket by means of certified mail or leave the ticket in a dropbox at a neighborhood lottery office. Burgess missed an email about being a winner and when the lottery office called her, she just had days to get the ticket post-checked.

"That is the reason you picked certified mail," Burgess told the station. "With COVID, I comprehend the mail is somewhat moderate. In any case, for security purposes, certified mail must be a priority." Lottery authorities disclosed to WFLA the claim never reached the base camp.

The claims department advised Burgess to contact the postal help to discover what befell the letter. The postal help said they are examining what occurred. In an assertion to the station, the postal help apologized to Burgess for the problem caused. On the off chance that the ticket shows up, lottery authorities told the station they would twist the guidelines and pay Burgess the $1,000 in the event that it was stamped by the first cutoff time.

 "Ms. Burgess' circumstance is a bizarre situation and, as far as anyone is concerned, no other winner has encountered such a problem before," the lottery said.  

UPDATE: Since this story was originally published, WFLA reported that lottery officials told Sue Burgess they had found her ticket and she will be able to claim her prize after all.



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