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Alice Kid - The Reason I Didn't Brush My Teeth For Over Ten Years

By Night Moon
  • 4 hour(s) ago

We all want to have a beautiful smile and to have that, clean and shining teeth are necessary. We all take care of our teeth and spend a big amount of money on it. But there are a lot of people who don't clean their teeth accurately as per the dental specialists' suggestions or don't do it as frequently as they should.


Alice Kid, a 23-year-old teacher from London is one of them. She questions oral cleanliness items and accepts that her well-being will improve by avoiding toothpaste.


It's been a long time since Alice Kid chose not to brush her teeth any longer. In a meeting with The Sun, the young lady perceived that it was hard for her to admit in light of the fact that oral cleanliness is one of those subjects that no one wants to discuss.


Alice is very sure that she has amazing teeth and no breath issues since her boyfriend has never complained about it. She does not smoke or drink alcohol and chew gum sometimes. Despite the fact that she doesn't brush her teeth, she goes to the dental specialist once every year to get checked. In spite of the fact that he says nothing regarding brushing, her dental specialist discloses to her she should floss and eliminates the growth of plaque each time she goes.


Alice is convinced that not brushing your teeth is useful for your wellbeing and she isn't the one and only one. In actuality, many accept that they can keep up great oral cleanliness and have their motivations to accept so.

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