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Man Labelled A Monster For The Bizarre Way He Eats His Chicken Nuggets

By Night Moon
  • 17 hour(s) ago

Sameer Jafri from Louisiana posted a pic on Facebook. By all accounts, there's nothing too faulty, it's simply a order of McNuggets and four dipping sauces. But, it's not the nuggets in the image that is scaring out the people but, it's what he's doing with the nuggets.


Sameer posted the below picture to his account asking the question: "Do you all peel your nuggets?" Excuse me, Sameer, do we what? In case you're having a look at the image believing there's something not exactly right about it, you would be right. As opposed to eat his nuggets like most do, batter and all, Sameer destroys them, peeling of the meaty part. All that remains is the shredded batter, dispersed on the cardboard box. So sad. Since it was posted, the photograph has been shared in excess of multiple times and has gotten in excess of 8,500 comments.


Also, it didn't take well before the internet audience turned on poor Sameer. One pundit stated: "WT*, this turned me off nuggets." Another person then followed with: "Where does this man live because the cops are coming for him." While a third individual truly didn't keep down, saying: "No doubt about it, you are a monster ." "That is nauseating," added another. However, the most painful thing in all this is that he is not the only person doing this with nuggets. One person from the audience was very happy with his actions and said: "Hahaha exposed nuggets da bomb." Another said: "I would leave half the batter on." Come on, decide. While a third was completely behind it, writing: "I do something very similar." Presently, perhaps you're not a meat-eater, so slaughtering a chicken and transforming it into a rotisserie delicacy is sickening regardless of how you burn-through it. Indeed, this is 2020, and change is noticeable all around - not long ago McDonald's revealed its Veggie Burger in Australia. Jo Feeney, marketing director at McDonald's Australia, stated: "We comprehend there's a rising interest for vegan choices, and we generally hope to give our clients a greater amount of what they need. "We're eager to be testing the McVeggie burger in South Australia so our clients can give us criticism on it before we hope to serve it up the nation over." After the preliminary is finished in South Australia, Maccies supervisors will examine the criticism and see whether they should turn it out the nation over.

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