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Pope Francis Caught ‘Liking’ Model Natalia Garibotto's Bawdy Pic on Instagram

By Night Moon
  • 14 hour(s) ago

The Pope's official Instagram account @francisus appears to have liked a racy photo of a Brazilian bikini model.


The catholic people were delighted with joy with the news of Pope Francis making an Instagram account. Since its making, the official Instagram account of Pope Francis has got a very massive following of over 7 million users. However, one of those followers of Pope Francis shared a screenshot that wasn't very holy. The screenshot appears to be claiming that the official Pope Francis account has liked a picture of a Brazilian model Natalia Garibott, 27. The image shows the model posing in a school dress skirt which barely makes it past her waist.


The news has been making headlines since after the eagle-eyed follower of the model pointed the like out. Once the news got viral on the internet, the "like" from the photo disappeared. No one knows if it was the Pontiff double tapping on the screen or if some other staff member liked the arousing picture, but whoever it was, it got noticed. When Natalia got the news of Pope Francis’ account liking her picture, she found the situation amusing. She jokingly said, "At least I'm going to heaven."


Still another user took a dig at the Pope, saying he’s got 83 years to catch on. The comment was in reference to an announcement made by Pope Francis in which he said mastur*ation is no longer a sin. The screenshot of the same announcement was shared in the tweet.


Pope Francis had said having good sex is a ‘divine pleasure’ “directly from God”.

A few followers connected the incidents to the pope's declaration not long ago where he said having 'intercourse' and food are "divine" joys that come "legitimately from God." As per a newly-published book of interviews, the Pope had purportedly told author Carlo Petrini that the congregation has "consistently acknowledged human, basic, moral joy". "Delight shows up straightforwardly from God." It is neither Catholic, nor Christian, nor whatever else, it is basically divine," the Pope had said. "The Church has consistently contradicted cruel, brutish, indecent joy, however, has consistently preferred and acknowledged human, basic and good joy," he said.


VIDEO LINK: After Barstool Sports posted a video on their Twitter account showing the like on model's pic she stated "My mum may hate my a** pics but the Pope be double-tapping." The whole story left the Twitter users in conflict as some called the Pope out on the issue while others were supporting him and asked Barstool Sports to take down the video. Various people made some funny statements related to this. One of them commented, "That's my kind of Pope". Another one wrote, "From Pope Francis to Dope Francis".

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