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This Mom Sold Her Kids Toys On eBay To Buy A Private Cocktail Bar

By Ms. Wood
  • 4 hour(s) ago

Rebecca Rushworth is a mom-of-two from the U.K. She made her kids say goodbye to their toys in order to afford an at-home cocktail bar and to free up space at home. On Facebook, the 34-year-old showed the results of the elaborate plan, which took 6 weeks. Rebecca explained: "I’ve been pondering what to do with this wasted space under my stairs for some time now”.: "The children weren't using the shop anymore and it was a bit of a dumping ground and a wasted space". She added, "I’m on Pinterest daily, and these home bars kept popping up! So, it was obvious I had to make it happen,".

She explained her kids hadn’t used their café set in a while, which is why she thought it was time to let go of it.



She added: "I really do love it, it creates a fab talking point and gives me more reasons to drink wine. Just need some mates around now to enjoy it,” Rebecca said of the new bar in her post, clearly without regrets.

The bougie purchase cost about $870 USD.



But children Sienna, 5, and Frankie, 3, aren't too pleased and other moms weren't very happy. But some of the mothers praised Rebecca's courage. In short, she told, "they no longer used it and it served as an ornament to rest the dirt on it".

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