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The Boyfriend Pillow With Six-Pack Abs For All The Cuddles You Want

By Ms. Wood
  • 1 day(s) ago

When you’re a single girl or in a long-distance relationship, only a warm hug can really dispel the winter chill. How should those who are single do then?.

Shirane is a Japanese designer who graduated from the Ochanomizu Institute of Art in Tokyo. who invented a curious pillow, finding a solution for single girls.

A single girl can buy the six-pack abs pillow! a "stuffed" boyfriend to keep on the sofa. The pillow is hairless, taut, and toned. The large pillow has dimensions of 65 centimeters wide by 60 high.

When the single girl, in the evening, lies down on the sofa to watch TV, she can let herself be hugged from behind by her semi-human pillow.

This "boyfriend" does not speak, does not complain, is never tired, and is always available, the only con about the pillow is that he only comes in one skin tone.

There are various merchants selling it on sites like Aliexpress and Taobao.


For those who have a partner, this can be a great comfort when you’re feeling lonely because your partner isn’t at home.


Shirane has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the website Motion Gallery in 2019 and her budget was reached after a few days allow her to start production and realize her project.





Japanese huggy pillow has a fantastic chest of manly muscles, plus six-pack abs.

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