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Hungry 4yo Boy Uses Moms Mobile And Treats Himself To $100 Worth Of McDonalds Meals.

By Ms. Wood
  • 4 hour(s) ago

A mum left her phone alone with her hungry four-year-old son for mere minutes while taking a shower.

Raissa Andrade, a 32-year-old mom from Recife, Brazil, had never thought her four-year-old son Tom could sneakily use her mobile to get ten bags of fast food delivered to their house.

Andrade also explained that Tom had watched her making calls to takeaway restaurants during the pandemic and he had clearly seen what she was doing and decided to copy her. Tom grabbed her phone and used the voice request to order food to their house.

He also managed to give the right home address vocally. When the order has been delivered she made a post on her Instagram showing the big order and the post already gathered over 100k likes.


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She said that because of the pandemic they have been making a lot of takeaway calls


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