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Mum snaps a selfie with her husband fainting in the delivery room and people are cracking up

By Ms. Wood
  • 7 hour(s) ago

Anyone who insists that men are the stronger should be placed in the delivery room and watch a woman give birth. Giving birth is a huge deal! It is fairly common for dads to faint in the delivery room. A new mum snapped a selfie in the delivery room as she welcomed her baby into the world - and captured the hilarious moment her husband passed out. The image shows the new mum lying on a hospital bed, her hair back in a hairnet, covered by a blanket - but it's not her that's capturing people's attention, it's her husband. Despite the mother being the one who just experienced the pain of labor, it is her husband who is surrounded by medical staff in the photograph. They captioned the Instagram post, writing: "He was here to encourage his wife at her first childbirth." The comments online were pretty funny!


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Mum's hilarious birth selfie goes viral for all the right reasons


Thanks for the support! but her husband PASSED OUT on the delivery room floor after she gave birth via C-section


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