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Boston Dynamics Robots Show Cool Dance Moves And The Video Has Freaked Elon Musk Out

By Ms. Wood
  • 5 hour(s) ago

The new Boston Dynamics’ Robots dancing video show four robots dishing out amazing dance moves to the 1962 hit “Do you love me.” Boston Dynamics is infamous for its scary robot videos, but this one is clearly a playful attempt to close the books on 2020.

Many Twitter users were stunned by the robots' dancing skills compared to the jerky movements of the 2016 iteration of Atlas. People had a lot to say about the video, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was one of them, "This is not CGI," he tweeted on Tuesday (Dec. 29), one of many responses to the visual.

When one bloke says, “It’s pretty awesome how dancing makes robots less intimidating,” Musk is quick to question old mate’s opinion. “Less?” he asks. Compared to the jerky movements of the 2016 iteration of Atlas, the new model almost looks like a CGI creation but it shows real robots.

Robot Dynamics:

The video sees Boston Dynamics’ entire lineup of robots. . This a little over two-minute-long clip is so fun to watch that you may want to play it on a loop.

[video source]


“Less?” he asks.

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[video source]

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