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Photographer Captures Aurora Borealis Behind Iceland's Erupting Volcano

By Ms. Wood
  • 17 hour(s) ago

Some people celebrate their birthday with their friends, family, or loved ones but photographer Christopher Mathews went to an erupting volcano In Iceland documenting the appearance of the aurora above Geldingadalur volcano.

The photographer started finding a good location to capture the epic scene of Nature. After failing so many attempts finally his persistence paid off. He watched the clouds lift like a curtain, revealing the amber glow of Geldingadalur and a glowing sky above.

The photos of the volcano from the Blue Lagoon are magical, is the first time someone captured a volcano eruption with such beautiful background. "This happened at midnight on March 24, my birthday. It's hard to imagine a greater gift!" Mathews Said.
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A view of the Geldingadalur eruption




It’s nice to be able to celebrate in such awesome surroundings! he said.


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