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4 Years Old Little Josh Won Watch The Highlight Video and Details

By Night Moon
  • 3 hour(s) ago

The Legendary Josh Swain battle took place yesterday, and we finally got to see our "worthy of the name" Josh. The only Josh who will be allowed to keep the epic name and all the others Joshes will have to change it.

For those who still don't know anything about this, a guy named Josh Swain made a Facebook chat group last year and added other Josh guys to it. All dudes were named "Josh Swain."

He then challenged all of them to a fight giving one year of preparation time and announced that only the winner will get to keep the name, Josh Swain.


He almost forgot about his joke until a months-old screenshot of his chat went viral again on social media.


People started creating and sharing various memes based on the original chat meme and everyone was looking up to this legendary "Josh Battle."



After seeing the virality and realizing he can't back off from it now, Josh Swain planned to make the event happen but opened the battle for everyone named Josh except for just Josh Swains. Sadly the original battlefield coordinates which were shared in chat turned out to be in the middle of someone's farm. The farm owner did put up a sign notifying that all the Joshes will have to find someplace else and wished the best Josh victory.


But the dedicated Joshes still found a ground perfect for the event to take place.


After al the hustle, the Josh battle happened and all the Joshes gave their best to keep their name. The whole battle was live streamed to social media and highlights are provided below.



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