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Expulsion would be ideal for us - Black students are calling for the expulsion of a white peer who was caught on video saying the N-word

By Jordan
  • 2 day(s) ago

MILWAUKEE: A group of Black students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee demanded the student be expelled, shortly after the video went public. The video shows a student using the "N" word repeatedly. UWM officials said they're looking into the videos, investigating the people involved, and reaching out to the community to gather information before determining the next steps.

The student has reportedly left on-campus housing and withdrew from in-person classes. According to FOX 6 News, the video was sent to the president of the Black Student Union, Darius Hayes, and he later reposted it to his Facebook page: “UWM is supposed to be an inclusive campus, and a lot of students don’t feel that we’re being very inclusive right now,” “I hear the hurt, outrage, and concerns experienced by students, employees and from community members, and we are responding swiftly,” he wrote. His statement listed support resources on campus.


His statement listed support resources on campus.

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