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Even the most trusted person could lie. Even the sweetest man could cheat.

By Jordan
  • 10 minute(s) ago

So, I’m a 17-year-old girl in high school and I have a problem. I met the most kind, caring, generous man and I've been with him for 4 years now.

 I have no friends, I haven't for 4 years, I can't seem to find anyone around my age to hang around with and I and my boyfriend are in a good place, very happy. I am a very jealous person. I spy on my boyfriend, read his texts, Whats app, and Facebook and I recently discovered my boyfriend likes talking to other girls more than talking to me and not only talk...

Yesterday I came home early from school because I was sick. I called him multiple times and no answer but he was online on messenger. I caught him talking to girls through his Facebook messenger but I had nothing to prove it. I waited and invited him to sleep with me that night...


Even the most trusted person could lie. Even the sweetest man could cheat. Sad but reality. My boyfriend was sleeping when he received some texts, so I decided to follow my instincts and check his phone. Not only did I learn he was cheating on me, but I found out he got another girl pregnant. She sent him a picture showing a pregnant belly and saying "Goodnight by your 2 lovers".


I have never felt so depressed as much as now. I have been loyal to her, I never once thought about cheating. I just want to feel something different than this I'm so lonely and tired and done and gosh I just don't want to be in this room anymore I want to be in love and I want to love is that too much to ask for?


I think I'm just giving up, I don't want to but I don't think I can stop it anymore, I am jealous and angry at the same time. I now think about breaking up with him, just to let him pay.

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